A New Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fintech Connector

A New Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fintech Connector

City TLV and FinTech Connector (FC) have entered into a new MOU. FinTech Connector is the first exclusive online and real world membership community that connects Fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups (the “Innovators”) with global professionals, thought leaders, and investors (the “Enablers”) to take Fintech ideas and turn them into financial services innovation that will benefit people around the world.

The MOA was signed by Angel Lorente, Co-Founder and CEO of Fintech Connector, and Shmuel Ben-Tovim and Sheila Friede Shemesh on behalf of City TLV.

The purpose of the MOU is to outline the intention of FinTech Connector and City TLV to cooperate on matters of mutual interest relating to the FinTech industry and cyber security.

Key points:

  • FinTech Connector seeks to foster a strong relationship with City TLV and will look to identify ways of including City TLV as part of FinTech Connector’s coordinated efforts to build the FinTech Connector community in Israel and areas where City TLV has members.
  • City TLV community may invite members of its community to become members of FinTech Connector as well, as basic members at no cost for 1 year
  • FinTech Connector may introduce its members, who have shown interest in doing business in or with Israel, to City TLV by messaging [email protected];
  • Presenting Israeli  Fintech  and  Cyber solutions to US, European, and Asian financial institutions;
  • Presenting future needs of the FinTech Connector financial and related professional services organizations to Israeli developers;
  • Hosting mutual business delegations and assist in setting-up their itineraries as each organizations’ resources allow;
  • Exchange views and best practices on regulation, in particular those that relate to FinTech new developments such as Blockchain, payments, digital assets, tokenization
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