The State of Fintech In 2020

The State of Fintech In 2020

Live online Sep 9 8:00 am United States – Los Angeles or after on demand 60 minsPresented byElena Ko, Fintech4Funds | Shmuel Ben-Tovim, Fintech Community of Israel | Denis Korolev, Octo LNG | Jay Wilson, Albion VC About this webinarAs 2020 began, predictions about where the fintech industry would go flourished. Signs of a maturing, even declining market, were already taking shape. Q1 2020 investment landed at $9.3 Billion, representing a 37% drop compared to Q1 2019, according to Deloitte. And as a global pandemic took form, meetings were canceled, budgets were cut, and consumer behavior changed. Now, consumers expect to change how they interact with banks entirely, with 25% of consumers planning to use banks less or stop using them altogether, According to Forbes.

Does this change what fintech is, and how it operates?

This premier episode of Driving Fintech Forward will share where we are as an industry in 2020, and possible visions for the future.

In this episode, we will:
– Revisit what fintech means, and the value it provides.
– Understand the size of the market, and share the industries it touches.
– Understand the types of participants in the market, and highlight how they work together to drive fintech forward.

Moderated by:
Elena Kozhemyakina, Founder, Fintech4Funds, London Partner, Fintech Connector

Shmuel Ben-Tovim, President, Fintech Community of Israel
Denis Korolev, CEO, Octo LNG
Jay Wilson, Investment Manager, Albion VC

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