Finastra Global Hackathon 2020

The Fintech community of Israel is proud to partner with the Finastra Global Hackathon


Finastra Global Hackathon #Hacktothefuture is back!


Building on the success of our 2019 hackathon, Finastra is delighted to announce #Hacktothefuture 2020 and your chance to get involved. The hackathon will run virtually from 9am BST, Thursday 15 October to midnight BST, Sunday 20 December 2020.


Register here


This year, we are championing a global, virtual hackathon that aims to bring about change and fairness to all the world’s citizens. Our aim is to ignite and empower ideas that have the potential to change the world of financial services, and welcome banks, fintechs, universities and other communities to collaborate across three themes:

– Hacking systemic inequalities: Banking the unbanked/underbanked, building inclusive technology, driving financial literacy…
– Hacking COVID-19 :
Digitalization, embedded fintech across industries, managing risk in a post-covid world…
– Embracing technology-enabled change
: Cross-business intelligence layers with AI, reimagining transaction flows with DLT…


Why should you participate?


  • Fun experience
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers
  • Work on a project aligned with your values
  • Being part of the solution to some of the world’s pressing problems

Find out more information here as well as last year’s hackathon projects here.

#Hacktothefuture 2020 is open to developers from all over the world, and we offer unprecedented access to 130+ APIs, Finastra’s core banking systems and a suite of datasets. Use, based on Microsoft Azure, to build tomorrow’s innovation in a scalable and secure way.

Join us at #Hacktothefuture 2020 this year!


It’s good to hack for good.

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