Tokyo Familiarization Trip – February 3-8 , 2021

Access to Tokyo Familiarization Trip – Online Session – February 3- 8 , 2021

Our Chairman Shmuel Ben-Tovin is delighted to take part in the
Tokyo Familiarization Online Trip, at the generous invitation of the Tokyo
Metropolitan Government (TMG). He is honored to be joined by 7 friends and
colleagues from around the world: NektariosLiolios (London), Michel Levy-Provencal
(Paris), Syed Musheer Ahmed (Hong Kong), Pemo Theodore (Palo Alto), Samantha
Evans (London), Theodora Lau (Washington DC).

Behind them are 3 intensive and eye-opening days of learning about Tokyo and
the Invest Tokyo programs for startups and fintechs while engaging with leading
financial services firms and investors on the attractiveness of Tokyo for them.

Now they are looking forward to the Tokyo Financial Award
Ceremony on Monday, February 8th. Shmuel will be speaking on a panel discussion
on “Attraction of Tokyo as a Financial City”, moderated by Moe Nasu
of Accenture and alongside NektariosLiolios and Syed Musheer Ahmed.

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